Jonathan Posner

Jonathan Posner is an Exeter UK-based author, with a number of adventure novels and short stories published. As an author, he is always observing the quirks and absurdities of human behaviour, especially in the new norms of today’s world. And as a gentleman of a certain age, they often leave him sadly bewildered. So much so, that he feels compelled to write about them, just in case you find them a bit odd as well (which could be another way of saying he is just an old codger having a rant).

Short but punchy

So if you also find the modern world confusing, or have ever wondered what on earth goes on inside the mind of an author, then ‘5 minute break’ might just be what you need. Published 2-3 times a month, it promises to bring a bite-size view of life, the universe and pretty much anything else inbetween.

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